Though they made it quite clear they were fed up with us in the 18th century, I reserve the right, as a Brit, to steal an American holiday. And so what better gift to my fellow Gamerkins (Ludochons), on this Thanksgiving day, than that of the English language. So here are my thanks for the year in the language of some guy called Shakespeare.

Firstly, I would like to thank the president of the club. For he made it quite clear, the first evening I spent with our beloved board game enthusiasts, that figurine games were a taboo in our common rooms. So thank you president Manu, your private use, this evening, of one of the rooms for yourself and a group of friends to play a game of "Dracula's America" was an inspiration to all power crazed Dictators of the world.

Secondly, I would like to thank Zaggus. The ever smiling, bearded and jolly fellow, who's constant bringing of gifts to the club members every week make me wonder why we don't call him Father Christmas yet. Then I remember how much money we give him for the service and the fantasy fades...

Thirdly, and to my utter amazement I would like to thank Olivier. Thank you for inviting me to finally play my first game of "Keyflower", thank you for proving during said game how sneaky and traitorous the Normans really are. Keyflower is a fun little management game, where you spend 4 turns using meeples as a resource to build a small colony that will produce as many points as possible at the end of the game. Wheat not being an item in the game, I went for the next best thing: Gold. Our back stabbing vile Olivier ? Norman like non other ? Waited until the last possible moment to sneak by grabbing all the tiles he needed to win the game. How dare he use his expertise and intelligence in his own game ? I will not mention how I ended last, behind an Elsa that didn't realize how close to the victory she was getting and a Cécile who beat me even after I purposefully blocked some of her scoring. Did I say Keyflower was fun ? In fact like the colonial time it represents it was a disease and starvation filled time of great misery!

Keyflower Keyflower - Winter is coming...

Lastly I will thank the Gamerkin. Thank you for embracing me into your midst, allowing me to write stupidities in a language that is not the official one of the club. I rediscovered the joy of games and of kind people. I met my significant other. I made incredible friends. I have every week a Christmas like evening, where a mysterious box is opened before my eyes, and I play with joy a new game.

Thank you all.

Until next week.